Glycolic Resurfacer Level 1 & 2

These two treatments are the same treatment description, level 1 uses a 30% glycolic and Level 2 steps up to a 40% glycolic acid and requires skin preparation.

This fantastic Glycolic Acid resurfacer, created from the Sweet Acids of Sugarcane, fight the signs of ageing and tackle environmental damage whilst smoothing skin texture and increasing cell turnover. Combined with the power of Lilac stem Cells used to soothe sensitive skin while protecting, hydrating, and nourishing.

Who is this for? Thick/rough textured skin with fine lines/wrinkles, and corrective ageing concerns.

Image of Glycolic Resurfacer
Image of Power Pumpkin Resurfacer

Primary & Power Pumpkin Resurfacer

These two treatments are the same treatment description Primary Pumpkin uses 40% pumpkin pulp, 3% glycolic acid, 3% lactic acid & 2% salicylic acid, whereas the Power Pumpkin uses 40% pumpkin pulp, 10% glycolic acid, 10% lactic acid and 2% salicylic acid.

Combat ageing concerns with this advanced resurfacing treatment using pumpkin pulp, beta and alpha hydroxy acids. Pumpkin pulp is notorious for providing exceptional exfoliation while simultaneously fuelling the skin with essential minerals and vitamins. Feed, correct and protect your skin.

Who is this for? Preventative treatment for dull, uneven skin tone, lines, wrinkles, or scarring.

Mangobrite Resurfacer

This resurfacing treatment effectively lifts dark spots and evens skin tone. Relish in the brightening, rejuvenating and anti-inflammatory benefits of Mango Pulp and Orange Stem Cells as hydrating Lactic Acid gently moisturises and plumps skin.

Who is this for? Clients with hyperpigmentation, uneven skin tone and dull lifeless skin with hormonal breakouts.

Image of Mangobrite Resurfacer
Image of Power Peptide Resurfacer

Power Peptide Resurfacer

This express treatment will offer extreme hydration, brightening benefits, and smoothly textured skin.

Not only will clients feel the difference, but they can also see it as well. The power of peptides will immediately plump lines and wrinkles, while giving rise to a brilliant glow.

Who is this for: Moderate ageing & texture concerns, visible line/wrinkles, perfect for events?

Lactic Acid Resurfacer

Rejuvenate sensitive skin while offering gentle exfoliation. This treatment calms redness, soothes delicate skin, reduces broken capillaries and lifts fine lines and wrinkles all while improving texture, hydrating, and brightening dull skin.

Who is this for? Clients with sensitive, sensitised, rosacea (with Physician approval) and irritated skin. Also soothes irritated acne and safe for oncology care.

Image of Lactic Acid Resurfacer.
Image of Retinol Infusion Treatments

Retinol Infusion Treatment

Revive, repair, and restore your skin. This powerful retinol blend will give instant radiance and repair compromised barriers as it restores vitality and hydration levels.

Who is this for? Universal treatment appropriate for all skin types and conditions.

TCA Peel

This chemical peel treatment is designed to transform rough textured skin while smoothing deep lines and wrinkles. Leaving the skin feeling fresher, brighter, and firmer.

Who is this for? Moderate aging and texture concerns, visible lines, and wrinkles. Clients who have thick, resilient skin.

Image of TCA Peel.
Image of SkinBrite Peel

SkinBrite Peel

Trying to battle deep, resistant pigmentation due to hormones, sun damage or long-standing post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation? This combination of Lactic, Mandelic and Phytic Acids work together to brighten skin and create an even skin tone. An excellent treatment for hyperpigmentation and the appearance of dark spots due to acne scarring or melasma.

Who is this for? Clients with, melasma, hyperpigmentation, dull, lifeless skin with hormonal breakouts. Downtime required.

Modified Jessner Peel

Attack and address stubborn acne concerns. This treatment is formulated to refine and unclog pores for smoother, brighter, and clearer skin. This treatment is designed to stop breakouts in their tracks and hamper the unwanted effect of acne.

Who is this for? Clients with acne Grades 2-4, thick, resilient skin, oily and congested skin significantly reduces PIH or Melasma. Downtime required.

Image of Modified Jessner Peel
Image of Derma Roller treatment.

Derma Roller

Our Pure Roller treatment is an advanced anti-ageing treatment that creates tiny wound holes in the skin to increase product penetration by up to 85% and trigger the skins healing response to help firm, tighten and smooth skin tone.

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